Build Actions to help users get things done with the Google Assistant

With Actions on Google, you can easily reach and engage with users across Google. From quick commands to full conversations, Actions help you connect your content and services to users with the Google Assistant.

Build easily

Leverage Google’s capabilities in machine learning and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to easily design conversations and deploy Actions.

Appear everywhere

The Google Assistant is available across 1B+ devices like speakers, smart displays, phones, and more. Build for voice, visuals, or both.

Grow usage

Increase discovery and usage of your Actions with features like Action Links, notifications, and localization to nearly 30 languages and 80 countries.

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Explore ways to build for the Google Assistant

Choose the path that fits your needs and get started.

Extend your Android app

Increase engagement of your Android app by deep-linking from the Google Assistant with App Actions

Amplify your web content

Easily publish rich content to both Google Search and the Assistant with markup.

Build an Action from scratch

Create something new with our vertical solutions, templates, integrations for the smart home, or Interactive Canvas.

Case studies

Learn more about how developers around the world are engaging with users in innovative ways using Actions on Google.


Learn how Headspace provided an alternative way for users to interact with their smart devices without requiring them to pull out their smartphones or tablets.


Get the scoop on best practices for conversation design from the developers behind one of the most successful conversational games.

SuperGuida TV

Learn how IdeaSolutions customized content for their Action, by integrating a recommendation engine to help users discover content they're likely to enjoy.

Get the support you need from day one

Our team is here to help as you turn from code line zero to action hero.

Enjoy community benefits

At launch, we'll welcome you with a T-shirt and $200 monthly Google Cloud Credit. Get more perks when you hit key milestones.

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