Extend your Android app

Increase discovery and ease of use for your apps. With App Actions, you declare support for built-in intents, which model common ways that users express tasks or find information, such as ordering a meal, booking a ride, or checking an account balance.

The Assistant can then launch your Android app or display a slice to your users. App Actions is supported on devices running Android 5 (API level 21) and higher.

Get started

Add an actions.xml manifest to your Android app to declare support for built-in intents in a variety of categories to express your app's fulfillment capabilities to Google.

Figure 1. Android app launching through the Assistant

Give us feedback

Use these links to let us know of general issues and feedback relating to the App Actions feature or to send us your suggestions for additional built-in intents.

General issues

Report issues in the App Actions feature or send general feedback.

Request additional built-in intents

Make suggestions for additional built-in intents you'd like to see App Actions support.