Routine suggestions

To consistently re-engage with users, you need to become a part of their daily habits. Google Assistant users can already use routines to execute multiple Actions with a single command, perfect for those times when users wake up in the morning, head out of the house, get ready for bed or many of the other tasks we perform throughout the day. Now, with routine suggestions, after someone engages with your Action, you can prompt them to add your Action to their routines with just a couple of taps.


You need a triggering intent in your Actions, which is triggered when the user executes their routine.

Automatic discovery flow

All you need to do is configure which triggering intents should trigger a request to add to the user's routines, and Google takes care of showing the opt-in to the user.

Console setup

Open the Actions console in a web browser, then do the following:

  1. Navigate to Build > Actions.
  2. Click the Action matching the additional triggering intent you'd like to enable updates for.
  3. Scroll down to the User engagement section and turn on Would you like to let users add this Action to Google Assistant Routines?.
  4. Enter a Content title.
  5. Click Save.