Google Assistant Developer Community Program

We want to thank you for building great Actions for the Google Assistant! To support your efforts and celebrate your accomplishments, we put together an ever-improving program with benefits and incentives that are tied to specific milestones.

Publishing your first Action

Making your first Action for the Google Assistant available to users is definitely something worth throwing a party for, and to kick off the celebrations we'll invite you to join our growing Google Assistant developer community:

  • To welcome you to our developer community, we'll send you an exclusive Google Assistant t-shirt. Make sure to wear it when you meet our team at events around the world.
  • To support your efforts, we'll also credit the account associated with your Action with up to $200 of Google Cloud services a month (applicable to any Firebase plan)- for a full year!

Don't know what to build yet? See Actions other folks have built in our directory. You can also use our templates which can help you have an Action ready in a matter of hours. Check out our docs and log on to the Actions Console to start building your Action.

Crossing some important milestones

Launching your first Action to users is half the battle. Our community program is here to support those of you who put the extra effort to build high-quality Actions that are starting to get traction from users globally. We encourage you to reach the following milestones with your Action:

Getting initial traction

For every developer, friends and family are the first users of their Action. To reach this milestone, however, you need to get noticed by users outside this intimate group - or just have an incredibly large social circle.

Keeping users engaged

Getting users to try your Action is great; getting them to come back again and again is even better. If you build a quality experience that users can't have enough of, we want to add to your efforts to improve and grow your Action.

Taking your Action global

As Actions on Google launches internationally, we'd like Google Assistant users to enjoy all the great quality Actions in their native language. If you make your Action available in two languages (one of which should be a non-English variant) and a minimum amount of users engage with it in both languages, we'll help you pursue global fame and glory.

If at least one of your Actions projects reaches one of these three milestones:

  • You'll receive an invitation to join our community program's Google Group. There, we'll send group member-only invites to meet and talk with Google's experts either through Hangouts or small intimate events around the world.

  • We'll also ship you a Google Home to make it easier for you to test and use your Actions.

And for every one of your Actions that reaches at least one of these three milestones, you will unlock some additional perks and support elements:

  • For the next year, reviews for your Action will be accelerated and you'll have a one-time opportunity—should you want to—to ask and receive custom, detailed feedback on how you can continue to improve your Action.

Learn more

This is just the first version of our program. We have a few more things in the works. Make sure to sign up for our developer newsletter where we will be updating all of you on new perks and treats. If any of this is unclear - please read our FAQs and Terms and Conditions. If you're a Googler and you want to participate, please read the Terms and Conditions for Googlers.