Build Actions from web content

If you're a content publisher, we recommend creating structured data that describes your web content. Google can use your structured data to automatically generate Actions for the Google Assistant, with a corresponding auto-generated page in the Actions directory.

Figure 1. Content Action examples.

Publish your content

Google can generate a variety of Actions based on web content that you provide, without any coding required on your part. Refer to the following list of supported content types to learn about creating Actions for each type:


Users can find your podcast in the Actions directory and play episodes on their devices using the Google Assistant. Create an RSS feed for your podcast and we can auto-generate an Action for it.

For more information on podcast Actions, see the Podcasts documentation.


Users can follow your recipes through rich cards presented in the Google Assistant and learn about your content on the Assistant directory. Create markup for your recipes and we can auto-generate an Action for them.

For information on setting up your recipe content, see the Recipes documentation.


Users can consume your content through the Google Assistant as part of Google News, including the top stories carousel. Create markup for AMP and your structured articles, and we can surface your news content on the Google Assistant.

For information on setting up your news content, see the News documentation.

For audio news: If you have audio feed content that you want users to consume through the Assistant, contact us.

How-to guides

Users can follow your how-to guides in the Google Assistant. When users ask the Assistant for help with a task, we may recommend your how-to if they can help with that task. Create markup for your how-to content and we can auto-generate an Action for your guides.

For more information on How-to Actions built with markup, see the How-to Action with markup documentation.


Users who ask the Google Assistant for information on a topic can receive your FAQ content to give them the best answers. Create markup for your FAQ content and we can auto-generate an Action with your information.

For information on FAQ Actions built with markup, see the FAQ Action documentation.

Optional: Claim your Action

If you published your content and its structured data, we may create a page in the Actions directory for your content. Your site owner (as listed in the Search console) receives an email explaining how to claim your directory page. You can also claim your page by finding it in the directory itself and clicking the link to claim the page.

To learn more about the directory and how to modify your page, see the Actions directory documentation.

Optional: Remove your Action

If you'd like to disable an auto-generated Action for your content, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Actions console and select your project from the displayed tiles.
  2. In Versions section of the Overview page, hover over the published version of your project and click on the Overflow menu.
  3. Click Unpublish.