Build an FAQ Action with markup

Mark up your content to reach users on Google Assistant and Google Search.

Structured data tells Google about the type of content you're creating, so we can present it to users in an interactive way. A Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page contains a list of questions an answers pertaining to a particular topic. If you own an FAQ page, mark up your content with the FAQPage schema type so we can present your content to users who search Google for that topic.

In addition to presenting your content as a rich result on Google Search, we can read your markup to automatically build an FAQ Action that presents your content on the Google Assistant. When users ask the Assistant a question that your FAQ content can answer, we may direct them to your Action.

Figure 1. Example of an FAQ Action's response to a question.

Next steps

To start writing markup for your FAQ content, read the Google Search FAQPage structured data guide.

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