Actions on Google lets you create Actions to extend the functionality of the Google Assistant, which is available on over a billion devices such as smart watches, headphones, speakers, phones, cars, TVs, and more.

What is an Action?

In the simplest terms, an Action defines support for a user request (represented as an intent) and the corresponding fulfillment that can carry out the request. You can build Actions that fulfill requests with web content, Android apps, or with experiences built specifically for the Assistant.

Figure 1. Actions can appear on a multitude of devices using fulfillment from a variety of sources.

Ways to build Actions

The following table describes the ways you can build Actions and when you should choose each option.

Use case Developer solution

Enhance your web content to increase discoverability through Search and the Assistant

Add structured data to your web content, and you'll automatically get Actions and rich Search results that use your content to fulfill user requests. We support the listed content types.


Extend your Android app to the Assistant

Add an actions.xml manifest to your Android app that filters for built-in intents, which represent Actions that users can carry out. Doing so lets the Assistant launch your Android app or pull in content to display to users to fulfill their requests. Users can trigger your App Actions on devices running Android 5 (API level 21) and higher.

App Actions

Build for the Assistant with vertical solutions

Use out-of-the-box vertical solutions that handle the conversational UI for you. All you need to do is connect your fulfillment logic.

Smart home

Build for the Assistant with templates

Fill out a spreadsheet to define a conversational Action with your choice of pre-defined system personas. We handle all the logic, so you can get up and running without writing any code.

Flash cards
How-to guides
Personality quiz

Build custom Assistant experiences

Craft your own, custom conversation that gives you control over the entire user experience. Use features and APIs such as rich cards, immersive canvas, account linking, payment transactions, notifications, and more.

Custom conversational Action