Actions on Google provides all the tools you need to build actions. There are also many third-party tools that supplement and enhance the developer experience.

Actions SDK tools

Node.js client library

We provide both an Actions SDK and Dialogflow variant of the Node.js client library to help you build fulfillment logic that conforms to the conversation webhook.

Actions Simulator

Type or speak to the simulator to test out your actions and hear the responses the same way you would on a hardware device. The tool gives you debugging information to diagnose issues and lets you test your experiences before deploying them.

gactions CLI

For those of you using the Actions SDK, gactions is a self-updating command line interface that lets you test and deploy your actions to production.

Action building tools

Some of the leading development tools for conversational end points are fully integrated with Actions on Google:

Analytics and monitoring tools

To help you identify opportunities to improve your actions, we’ve let analytics and monitoring tools providers integrate with Actions on Google.

See Analytics and Monitoring for more information.


If you would like help building your Action, you can reach out to an consultant for assistance. Refer to our Agency Directory for a list of consultancies that have developed Actions on behalf of other companies.