In May 2017, Google announced the App Attribution Partner program along with a new upgraded app conversion tracking and remarketing integration with third-party app analytics providers for Google Ads. The new integration provides a much more seamless conversion tracking setup with a new one-stop linking and conversion import experience in Google Ads. With this announcement, all app conversion tracking with third-party providers will be migrated to the new integration.

Conversion tracking

Measure the effectiveness of your Google Ads app install and app engagement campaigns--by tracking the installs and in-app events (such as purchases and sign-ups) that were driven by your advertising.


Reach your existing users with ads to re-engage them with your app, driving even more conversions.

Integration options

  • A streamlined conversion tracking solution for Android and iOS apps using Firebase.
  • A server-to-server API option to notify Google Ads of Android and iOS conversion and remarketing events from your analytics system.

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Mobile Apps Conversion Tracking and Remarketing
Mobile Apps Conversion Tracking and Remarketing