Distributing web apps for domain-wide installation

Web apps built with Apps Script can be distributed in the G Suite Marketplace, where G Suite domain administrators can find, install and authorize them for all or some users in their domains.

Distributing checklist

This section lists a number of considerations and details that you should address when you distribute a web app.

Team ownership of the web app

If you are building the web app as part of a team, think carefully about which account you want to publish from. Collaborating with shared drives is recommended. Alternatively, you may wish to create a common team account to serve as the owner of the script project. Avoid situations where you lose access to your add-on's code and console settings because a member of your team left your organization.

Changing web app ownership across domains

Web apps deployed in one domain cease to function if their ownership changes to a shared drive or account in a different domain. This can be corrected by having the new owner or collaborator redeploy the web app in the new domain. Alternatively, the web app can start functioning again without redeploying if you move it back to its original domain.

Steps to prepare for distribution

Prior to distributing, you should:

Domain-wide distribution instructions

Domain-wide distribution requires configuring the G Suite Marketplace SDK for your web app. In order to do this, you must have access to the Cloud Platform (GCP) project the add-on uses. This project must be a standard GCP project, not the default project created for a new script.

Once you've prepared all the required assets, you can Publish your web app to the G Suite Marketplace.

Migrating from the Chrome Web Store

In order to improve the discovery experience for users and admins, we are phasing out publication of web apps to the Chrome Web Store as part of domain-wide distribution. Because of this change, you may need to take some additional steps to migrate existing web apps that were published to both locations.

If you have a web app that was previously published to the Chrome Web Store and G Suite Marketplace, do the following:

  1. Verify that you have enabled the G Suite Marketplace SDK for your app.
  2. Complete the Configuration panel of the G Suite Marketplace SDK, updating and adding any required information.
  3. Complete the Publish panel of the SDK.
  4. Click Publish changes when you're done.

Install a published web app for a domain

To install the published web app on for all users in a G Suite domain, see this support article. Only an administrator can install an app for all users in the domain.

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