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Open Bidder

Open Bidder is an open source real-time bidding (RTB) framework enabling you to bid ads at real time.

As the top right diagram shows, Open Bidder provides you the real-time bidding infrastructure—all you need to do is implement your own bid interceptors (bidders) to receive and respond real-time bid requests. Open Bidder comprises these three components:

  • Open Bidder User Interface (UI)
    • Launches bidders.
    • Displays operational metrics.
  • Open Bidder API
    You use the Open Bidder API to write your own logic for bidding, impression tracking, and other custom processing.
  • Open Bidder Server
    • Receives RTB requests from some exchange, like Authorized Buyers.
    • Converts exchange-specific requests into Open Bidder's canonical model.
    • Executes your custom logic to process requests.
    • Converts Open Bidder's responses into exchange-specific format.

Why use Open Bidder?

Open Bidder:

  • Uses Google Compute Engine, which guarantees optimal latency between your real-time bidders and Authorized Buyers. For more informaton on real-time bidders on Google Compute Engine, see Real-Time Bidder Solution for Google Cloud Platform.
  • Runs on Google's scalable and efficient infrastructure.
  • Provides you an easy-to-use real-time bidder.
  • Provides you an API to implement your own custom real-time bidders.

With Open Bidder you can implement your real-time bidders quickly because you don't have to build the bidding infrastructure from scratch.

Open Bidder

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