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Developer Student Clubs Organizers

Developer Student Clubs train thousands of student developers globally and work with their communities to solve real-life problems. Check out some of our stories to learn more.

Google collaborates with university students who are passionate about growing developer communities and supports them with starting student clubs on their campuses.

These DSCs provide students with the opportunity to:

  • Grow their knowledge on developer technologies and more through peer to peer workshops and events.
  • Gain relevant industry experience by solving problems for local organizations with technology based solutions.
  • Showcase their prototypes and solutions to their local community and industry leaders.

Google Developers supports and recognizes DSCs, but does not own or manage them.

Featured Story

A DSC Lead and his core team from Ashesi University are helping students in their community learn and build on Google Cloud.

83% of the DSC Leads in India shared that they acquired a job or internship due to their experience in DSC*

*Based on DSC India exit survey 2017-2018

DSC SSA Summit 2018

DSC India Summit 2018

DSC Indonesia Summit 2018