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Learn how developer groups around the world have successfully built their communities and engaged members to learn and share best practices with one another.

How mentors can empower you to start a community

December 2018

Jorge Coca moved to the United States from Spain to finish his Engineering degree. As a developer he found his way to the local developer meetup community. He decided to start organizing meetups around Flutter. Jorge talks about the importance of having role models not only for self-development but also for building your professional network of contacts.

A real life problem turned into an opportunity

October 2018

Ngoc Nguyen Ba (GDG Hanoi) lead) talks about how trying to speed up the registration process at their Google I/O Extended event spun into creating an event app that is now available on Google Play.

Dream big

September 2018

Andras Kindler (community lead of Kotlin Budapest User Group) talks about why it matters to occasionally bring your extended community together for an event larger than a regular meetup. After years of being Kotlin enthusiasts organizing meetups, Andras and his team held the first ever Kotliners conference in Budapest, Hungary. More than 130 attendees from 10 countries came together for a full day to hear about the present and future of the Kotlin ecosystem.

How having a clear focus helps to attract meetup attendees in a very developed local ecosystem

May 2018

In 8 years, the community Yuki Anzai and 3 other co-organizers started after attending a developer event not seeing many other women around, has grown to almost 500 members. Yuki also describes how clear positioning your chapter focus, can help attract members in a very developed local ecosystem.

Working with universities to help spin off new developer communities

April 2018

Omor Ahmed, co-lead organizer from GDG Sonargaon, explains how working with ambassadors at university campuses is helping to attract new members and other synergies, and how having new chapters emerging at universities helps to spin off community activity in other cities as well.

Have no fear

August 2018

Evgeny Kot from Dart Russia is frequently speaking about the benefits of using Dart and changing the perspective and excitement about Dart in the developer community. Read more about how personal commitment and power of community can go a long way when spreading awareness.