Generating thumbnails for Data Studio Reports

Data Studio lets you generate thumbnails and images from your report. The images are stored in your Google Drive and can be directly linked to. For details on this feature, view the Support Center article Create a thumbnail image of your report.

Quick overview

To display a thumbnail, append the /thumbnail endpoint to the URL of your report. This will create a scaled image of the first page of that report. You can adjust the image using optional URL parameters (see below).

The following is an example thumbnail for the Welcome to Data Studio report:

Default thumbnail for Welcome to Data Studio report

Image Sizing Options

The following options can be appended to the report URL after /thumbnail?sz=. Separate multiple options using -.

Option Parameter
Fixed Width w<N>
Full size thumbnail full
Fixed Height h<N>
Combine height and width w<N>-h<N>
Square Crop c
Smart crop p
Circle crop cc
Force image download d
Avoid upscale (no upscale) nu

Example thumbnails

An example thumbnail URL using custom options to generate a circular thumbnail:

Example report thumbnail using custom option w256-h128-cc

The following table includes live examples for report thumbnails using various options:

Option Used Description Image
w200 Set width to 200px Example report thumbnail using custom option w200
w100-h200 Set width to 100px and height to 200px Example report thumbnail using custom option w100-h200
w320-h180-p-nu Resize to width 320px, height 180px, and use smart crop while avoiding upscale Example report thumbnail using custom options w320-h180-p-nu
w200-h100-cc Resize to width 200px, height 100px, and use circle crop Example report thumbnail using custom option w200-h100-cc

Feature details / limitations

  1. Thumbnails can be viewed by appending /thumbnail to the report URL in view mode.
  2. Thumbnails will be generated when the report is edited and then viewed (Edit -> View triggers thumbnail creation).
  3. Thumbnails will be generated for the first page of the report only.
  4. At the most 1 thumbnail/minute will be generated for a report.
  5. Thumbnails have the same access permissions as the report. So only if others can access your report, they will have access to see the thumbnails.
  6. If the report has an error, no new thumbnail will be generated. Any valid existing thumbnail for the report will be retained.
  7. For all cases where an actual thumbnail can't be created (Example: report has errors, data source is set to viewer's credential, report is deleted, report doesn't exist, etc.), the default image (logo) will be served.
  8. Offline generation of thumbnails for all existing reports is currently not supported. The report needs to be edited and then viewed in Data Studio for thumbnails to be generated.
  9. Thumbnails are also visible in Drive for recently opened reports.