Feature Groups Charts

If the features to be charted have a property that defines groups, use ui.Chart.feature.groups() to plot each group as a different series. In the following example, first a group is defined based on an existing property, then a ui.Chart is made using the two groups:

// Load a table of average seasonal temperatures in U.S. cities.
var seasonalTemps = ee.FeatureCollection('ft:1G3RZbWoTiCiYv_LEwc7xKZq8aYoPZlL5_KuVhyDM');

// Define groups in the data by mapping a function to set a new property.
var grouped = seasonalTemps.map(function(feature) {
  var skiable = ee.Number(feature.get('avg_temp_jan')).lte(0);
  return feature.set('skiing', skiable);

// Create the chart.
var chart = ui.Chart.feature.groups(grouped, 'avg_temp_jan', 'avg_temp_jul', 'skiing')
      hAxis: {title: 'Average January Temperature (C)'},
      vAxis: {title: 'Average July Temperature (C)'},
    }).setSeriesNames(["ski", "don't ski"]);

// Print the chart.

The result should look something like Figure 1.

Figure 1. Features plotted by groups, where the groups are defined by mean temperature in January.

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