Dimitrios Kapanidis

Dimitrios Kapanidis

Google Cloud Platform

Barcelona, Spain


  • Google Cloud Platform


Dimitris is a developer at core who’s passion is to be on the lookout for a frictionless development workflow.

He is Founder of Harbur Cloud Solutions (https://harbur.io) a consulting firm based in Barcelona that helps companies modernize their IT using container & cloud technologies.

He has been for a decade the ultimate responsible of the software quality of e-voting solutions with governments across all continents, a working environment that requires pristine-quality. Now in Harbur he helps enterprise tech companies modernize their development processes and infrastructures in order to embrace containers as first-class citizens on their ecosystem.

He organizes DockerBCN and KubernetesBCN meetups and is appointed as Docker Captain. He loves automation, Continuous Delivery, and anything that boost the development-lifecycle and make developer's life easier. He also loves noodles