Elie Sloim

Elie Sloim

User Research, Interaction Design

Bordeaux, France


  • User Research
  • Interaction Design


Elie Sloïm is a quality management graduate from the university of Bordeaux. Since 1999, he works on the quality of online services and specifically on the evaluation and certification aspects. CEO and founder at Temesis, he frequently helps project managers working on large Internet and Intranet websites. He’s also the founder and leader of the Opquast (Open Quality Standards) project.

He is a renowned speaker at conferences and seminars on the subject of Web quality of online services (a11y Québec, Confoo Montreal, ParisWeb, Open Data on the Web, Flupa UX day...) and has won the Best Speaker Award at the Paris Quality Congress Sisqual in 2005. He has written more than 100 articles on web quality, accesibility and standards.

He has written the forewords of « CSS2 » by Raphaël Goetter, « Ergonomie Web » by Amélie Boucher, « Card Sorting » by Gautier Barrère and Eric Mazzone and «Intégration Web : les bonnes pratiques» by Corinne Schillinger, at Eyrolles editions. He's co-author of “ Site Web : les bonnes pratiques” and "Qualité Web", the book of reference on web quality management.