User Research, Interaction Design, Sprint Master

Berlin, Germany


  • User Research
  • Interaction Design
  • Sprint Master


Esin is an Istanbul based independent user experience and service designer who is strong in understanding and sharing user-empathy. She is passionate about bringing what is human to product and service experiences.

Her current focus is to lead design in startup companies through a human centred design process. She walks through the in-house teams to build empathy via user research; experience strategy and interaction design. Esin does most of her design work via workshops and creative facilitation. She also trains small innovation teams in large corporate IT companies about UX methodologies while defining bigger scale design standards. She helped more than 5 companies in Istanbul in only the last 2 years to create more human centered experiences and, most importantly, to get user experience sensitivity.

She has a MSc degree in emotional design and a bachelor’s degree in industrial product design. Nowadays she wants to bring together her both backgrounds and human centered approach via larger interaction scopes such as the IoT, and IoT services.

In the past, she was the first and only user experience designer in the two biggest banking IT companies in the region. She also designed in an international experience design consultancy in Istanbul. She lives in Istanbul for the last 5 years where she is fascinated everyday. She travels in any possible break to become richer. In the end, it is not time that makes a life; it is experiences.