Justin Ribeiro

Justin Ribeiro

Web Technologies, Wearables, IoT

Oakdale, CA, United States


  • Web Technologies
  • Wearables
  • IoT


For the last 18 years, Justin has worked on enterprise and consumer-based software products – and is no stranger to building and deploying large-scale architecture for users in the field. As an early Google Glass Explorer, he has also worked extensively on integrating existing services with the platform – from real-time warehouse tracking to in-the-field sensor tracking for use in water management within agricultural operations. When Justin isn't building for Glass and Wear, he can be found building for Android and the web.

Justin has successfully helped many startups bring concepts and ideas to market, and developed new internal systems to help even established companies become more efficient. Right now, Justin works at Stickman Ventures, managing software development teams on the US West Coast and overseas.

He is also a co-organiser at GDG Oakdale, where he teaches and speaks on a wide range of Google technologies. He also spends time wiring and coding the Oakdale OpenMesh – a community-driven open wifi network. He lives in Oakdale with his wife, three daughters, and darkroom stockpile of HC-110.