Linda Lawton

Linda Lawton

Google Analytics, Identity

Aalborg øst, Denmark


  • Google Analytics
  • Identity


Linda has over 20 years of commercial software development experience. Her current position as a Business intelligence developer lead her to begin working with the Google Analytics API. She currently works at helping businesses extract their Google Analytics data into their data warehouse using TARGIT (

Linda is a self-confessed Google technology addict. She began working with Google APIs in 2012 and has since spent time expanding her knowledge to include Google Analytics, Google+, Google Drive, Google Calendar and the YouTube API lets face it she hasn't met a Google API she didn't like. She has also spent extensive amounts of time delving into the inner workings of Googles Open Authentication.

Linda contributes to several open-source projects and libraries in this area, such as the Google .net client library ( which provides simple, flexible, and powerful access to Google APIs with .Net.

She enjoys helping others learn and spends a lot of time helping out fellow programmers by answering questions She also runs her own website and blog ( dedicated to writing simple easy to follow tutorials for accessing Google APIs.