Ofer Golan

Ofer Golan

Product Strategy, Sprint Master

Tel Aviv, Israel


  • Product Strategy
  • Sprint Master


Ofer is an advertising and branding creative director who specializes in building challenger brands – the ones on a mission to change their category or the world.

He's a co-founder of POW ThinkBAND©™ – a unique consultancy group which manages and operates thinking processes in both large and small businesses during early stages of business product definitions. POW ThinkBAND allows managers to become organizational thought leaders via rapid thinking processes that encourage creativity and bring about interdisciplinary cohesion and consistency.

POW ThinkBAND has been mentoring in the Google Launchpad program since its early days, helping startups think and play together like great bands do.

Ofer is a Google challenger thinking and branding expert, who helps start ups do more with less by challenging the status quo of their category.

He also helps teams distill their idea; identify its challenging essence and aspects; and articulate and project them through various communication channels at their disposal – such as their story, name, slogan, product, UX and marketing. The result is a holistic brand identity and personality that creates differentiation in noisy, competitive, environments.

Ofer started his creative career at the department of television and cinema at the Tel Aviv university, and later went on to work as an advertising creative director for 20 years.

HIs various creative work for local and international companies has led to award-winning impactful campaigns that have pushed brands into the hearts and minds of consumers.

In addition to working in his own consultancy, Ofer delivers keynote presentations and challenger workshops and courses at schools and colleges. As a socially-responsible professional, he also uses his brand-building skills to bridge the gap between the budget and vision of NGOs and sustainable business in Israel.