Shay Ben-Barak

Shay Ben-Barak

User Research, Interaction Design, Visual Design

Tel Aviv, Israel


  • User Research
  • Interaction Design
  • Visual Design


Shay helps companies identify their users' needs and meet them with great UX. He is focused on complex systems, medical applications, control and monitoring systems.

Shay is a problem solver and specialist in User eXperience and digital product design. He also has a Masters degree in Cognitive Engineering.

Shay enjoys taking part in projects that offer new challenges – and the chance to find the perfect balance between creativity, innovation and cool-interaction to standards and conventions...but still letting users stay in their 'comfort zone.'

For the last 15 years, he's been heavily involved in the UX design of products that were targeted for many different types of users and platforms – from complex systems to consumer apps. He can lead or support projects from the early conceptual stages of requirement analysis, through to the process of concept design, detailed interaction design and also steering the graphic design and coding of the product.

Shay specialises in complex systems; web applications; medical apps/devices; healthcare systems; communication networks; C4I; intelligence; espionage; fraud; security; control and monitoring; and financial systems.