Wolfram Rittmeyer

Wolfram Rittmeyer

Android, Assistant

Münster, Germany


  • Android
  • Assistant


Wolfram has been an Android developer since 2012 and has been blogging about it ever since. He's very active in the Android community, likes to speak at devfests and conferences and is co-organizer of the GDG, Düsseldorf.

He also likes to tinker around with IoT stuff. He has experiences with microcontrollers as well as with single board computers. As such Android Things is quite his thing as well.

With the AIY project he bacem interested in developing apps for the Google Assistant and Dialogflow. He thinks that voice apps are a very good addition to mobile apps and are actually better suited for many use cases.

But not everything is tech. As a family guy Wolfram is a proud father of his two sons Linus and Niklas. Funnily they are also a nice source of inspiration when it comes to new ideas for tech use . The kids love the Google Assistant and anything that makes sound or blinks :-)