Yael Keren

Yael Keren

User Research, Interaction Design, Sprint Master

Netanya, Israel


  • User Research
  • Interaction Design
  • Sprint Master


Yael is a User Experience architect at IBM, where she leads the UX of a line of security products. She is responsible for user research, the creation of high-level and detailed wireframes, and running usability tests. She works closely with all relevant roles such as PM, RandD leads, front-end developers and graphic designers to collectively achieve the best user experience possible. Previously, Yael worked at HP Software and Aman UI and Design (a UX consulting company) where she created designs for various types of applications on multiple platforms – from very complex big data analysis systems to simple and usable mobile apps. Before starting her MSc. in Human Factors Eng. she worked at SAP as a software developer and at HP Indigo as a Planner. Yael has a three year old boy and loves to travel around Israel and the world.