Yoichiro Tanaka

Yoichiro Tanaka

Web Technologies, Assistant

Tokyo, Japan


  • Web Technologies
  • Assistant


Yoichiro has extensive experience across a number of platforms, with over 100 million users enjoying the social apps he has helped to publish on the LINE platform.

He also has experience in specification designing, writing, proposing and discussion for the standard architecture regarding rendering the social application for Feature-phones which cannot use JavaScript and iframe. OpenSocial foundation had adopted this specification to OpenSocial version 1.1, and it is published at the specification page.

Yoichiro is also a commited OpenSocial Development Environment Project owner. This software was developed in collobaoration with the Google office in Taipei, and was introduced at the "iGoogle developer portal and tools" on Google I/O 2010.

He is a technical leader on mixi Platform – a platform based on OpenSocial – first published in large SNSs in Japan. All specifications and designs were decided by Yoichiro's team. Many of his social applications have been published, with the specifications of the platform described on the mixi Developer Center. Yoichiro wrote many of the pages on its site, and as its technical lead, he has promoted this platform to many developers.

Yoichiro has written three books, including Introduction of OpenSocial, a mixi apps developing and operating completion book, and a Chrome guide book for developers.

He has been recognised with awards from a number of institutions and organisations including IEICE (The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers) winning the Technorati award, Sun Microsystems award and the KAYAC award in 2007.

Yoichiro has been part of the Google API Expert Program since 2008, initially in charge of OpenSocial and now supporting the wide area regarding Social Web, including Social, OAuth, OpenID, OGP, HTML Microdata, schema.org and more. He is also a Google Developer Expert in Chrome, creating Chrome apps and extensions.