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Release Notes

The Google Fusion Tables team regularly updates the SQL API with new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements. This page contains release notes beginning with the release of version 2. Latest notes are first.

November 12, 2014

API v2.0 released:

Change to OAuth 2.0 for web server applications
Starting with this version, request safety is enforced. This means that including an access_token query parameter in a GET request will no longer work. You should instead use an Authorization: Bearer HTTP header. See Calling a Google API for more details.
Support for downloading large tables
With this feature you can download large tables via media download without fear of timeout. To use this feature, provide an alt=media parameter in your URL query parameters. The API will respond with CSV data in the response body.
Custom table and column properties
You can add additional properties to your table and column metadata formatted as JSON.
Additional column properties
Column format pattern, graph predicate, and data validation properties that were only available from the UI are now included in the API.
Status of background tasks
This was an unannounced feature of version 1 that we are formally supporting in version 2. It allows you to query the status of outstanding background tasks for tables that are created by API calls that result in large changes to a table, such as a column type change or "delete all rows" operation.
Ability to replace all rows of an existing table
This operation is the same as performing a "delete all rows" operation followed by an "import" operation, but with replaceRows, users will continue to see the current rows until all replacement rows are ready.


  • All downloads via the Fusion Tables API version 1.0 will be capped at 10 MB. We encourage you to migrate to version 2.0, which provides media download for large payloads.