The Google Fusion Tables API will not be available after Dec. 3, 2019. Learn more

Migrate to Fusion Tables API version 2.0


This document explains how to migrate your website or application to work with version 2 of the Google Fusion Tables API.

Who needs to upgrade?

If your application is still using version 1, you should migrate to version 2. Version 1 now restricts the maximum response size to 10 MB. Version 2 provides media download for large payloads.

The other differences between version 1 and version 2 are mainly additions of new functionality, with the exceptions described in the release notes.

For more information about the resources available in the Fusion Tables API version 2, see the API Reference.

Migration steps

  1. Specify the correct API version, v2, in all requests.
  2. Update the request authorization, if needed.
  3. Consider using replaceRows for any operations that delete all rows of a table and add then new ones.

Authorizing Requests

There is an important API-level change in version 2 for OAuth 2.0 for web server applications. Starting with this version, request safety is enforced. This means that including access_token=your token as a query parameter in a GET request will no longer work. You should instead use an authorization header:

Authorization: Bearer your token

See Calling a Google API for more details.