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Resource representations

A background task on a table, initiated for time- or resource-consuming operations such as changing column types or deleting all rows.

  "kind": "fusiontables#task",
  "taskId": long,
  "started": boolean,
  "progress": string,
  "type": string
Property name Value Description Notes
kind string Type of the resource. This is always "fusiontables#task".
progress string Task percentage completion.
started boolean false while the table is busy with some other task. true if this background task is currently running.
taskId long Identifier for the task.
type string Type of background task.

Acceptable values are:
    Adds a new column and populates all data rows in the table for that column with a default value.
  • "ADD_ROWS":  Imports data into a table including form responses, new table, and import more rows.
  • "CHANGE_TYPE": Applies column data type change to all data rows in the table.
  • "DELETE_ROWS": Deletes rows, including tasks that delete all rows, from the table without deleting the table itself.


Deletes a specific task by its ID, unless that task has already started running.
Retrieves a specific task by its ID.
Retrieves a list of tasks.