Class List

Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
GPGAchievementAn object that represents the completion of a task or goal
GPGAchievementMetadataThe metadata for a single achievement
GPGEventAn object representing a game event
GPGLauncherControllerGames launcher UI controller
<GPGLauncherDelegate>A delegate for GPGLauncherController events
GPGLeaderboardA single leaderboard
GPGLeaderboardMetadataThe metadata for a specific leaderboard
GPGLocalPlayerRankPlayer ranking information for a local player score
GPGLocalPlayerScoreA single score for local player for a specific leaderboard
GPGManagerThe starting point for interacting with Google Play Games
GPGMultiplayerConfigThe configuration representing who can be invited and who can join a match or room
GPGPlayerThe representation of a Google Play Games player
<GPGPlayerPickerLauncherDelegate>The delegate for player picker events
GPGPlayerLevelThe representation of a Google Play Games player level
GPGQuestA single data structure allowing you to access data about the status of a specific quest
<GPGQuestDelegate>The delegate used for receiving quest updates and changes
<GPGQuestListLauncherDelegate>The delegate for presenting a quest list
GPGRealTimeRoomAn object that represents a real-time room
GPGRealTimeRoomDataA lightweight version of the a GPGRealTimeRoom object
<GPGRealTimeRoomDelegate>The delegate used for receiving room updates and changes
GPGRealTimeRoomMakerThe object that creates and manages all GPGRealTimeRoom objects
GPGScoreA single score for a specific leaderboard
GPGScoreReportThe results from reporting a score to a leaderboard
<GPGSnapshotListLauncherDelegate>The delegate for presenting a snapshot list
GPGSnapshotMetadataAn object that represents a saved game
GPGSnapshotMetadataChangeAn object holding the changed information for a Saved Game metadata change
GPGSnapshotMetadataChangeCoverImageAn object holding the updated cover image for a Saved Game metadata change
GPGTurnBasedMatchThe main object to represent a turn-based match
<GPGTurnBasedMatchDelegate>Called for all passive match updates
<GPGTurnBasedMatchListLauncherDelegate>The delegate for presenting a turn-based match list
GPGTurnBasedParticipantRepresents a participant in the context of a GPGTurnBasedMatch
GPGTurnBasedParticipantResultRepresents a participant's current placing and final status in a match

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