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Protobuf implementations

There are two implementations that are available for PHP:

  1. C: the Protobuf PHP extension for better performance
  2. PHP: the google/protobuf PHP package to get started easily

We recommend to use the C implementation but some users might need the PHP implementation instead because of security or technical constraint for examples.

The PHP implementation is automatically installed like any other googleapis/gax-php dependencies via Composer but it is used at runtime only if the C implementation is not installed and configured.

Use the C implementation

Install and configure the Protobuf PHP extension:

  1. Run command sudo pecl install protobuf.
  2. Add a line to the php.ini file.

Use the PHP implementation

Make sure the C implementation is disabled and all the dependencies of the googleapis/gax-php library are installed:

  1. Comment out the line of the php.ini file if any.
  2. Run command composer install in the directory that contains the composer.json file of the project being worked on (google-ads-php itself or any project that requires it as a dependence).

Determine which implementation is being used

Run php -i | grep protobuf:

  • If not empty, you're using the C implementation
  • Otherwise, you're not using the C implementation and the Google Ads API PHP library will rely on the PHP implementation (if installed correctly via Composer)

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