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Specifying a Media Plan

Google offers a variety of products and audiences you can use to build campaigns, but you may not know the exact formulation when creating a plan. To help with this, ReachPlanService provides discovery methods you can use to generate a curve.

Audience targeting

The first component of a media plan is audience targeting, which includes:

Use the listPlannableLocations method to find supported location IDs.
Age Ranges
Reference the ReachPlanAgeRange enum.
Reference the GenderInfo criterion.
Reference the DeviceInfo criterion.

Product mix

In addition to the targeting information, you must specify a product mix in order to generate a curve. There are two ways to do this.

Suggested mix

If you are not familiar with Google's video ad formats, then you can use the generateProductMixIdeas method to get a recommended split for a given budget and preferences. The available preferences you can specify currently include:

  • Whether or not you would like a guaranteed price on inventory.
  • If you would like video ad formats that include sound, are skippable or only show on top content.
  • A ReachPlanAdLength.

Manual mix

If you are already familiar with Google's video ad formats, the listPlannableProducts method on ReachPlanService will show the available formats for a given location ID. To generate a curve you would simply assign a desired budget to each product.

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