Extending G Suite with Add-ons

Add-ons are customized extensions of G Suite productivity applications such as Gmail, Google Sheets, and Google Docs. Add-ons are built using Apps Script—a rapid application development platform based on JavaScript that lets you create business and productivity applications quickly and easily.

With Add-ons you can do the following:

  • Add customized functionality to G Suite applications such as Gmail.
  • Boost your workflow efficiency when working with G Suite.
  • Use Apps Script services to easily control and move data between Google applications.
  • Connect to non-Google services within G Suite applications, allowing you to retrieve or upload data from those services into and from G Suite.
  • Create custom interfaces (sidebars, menus, and dialogs) that are displayed within the G Suite application the add-on extends, potentially removing the need for a user to switch browser tabs when working with multiple applications.

You can create add-ons for your personal use, for use within your organization, or publish them to the G Suite Marketplace where millions of users and domain administrators can find and install them.

Add-on types

Add-ons are defined by the application they extend (the host application). There are two primary types of add-ons: Gmail add-ons and Editor add-ons.

Gmail add-ons extend Gmail only. Editor add-ons extend one of the Google Drive editor host applications:

These two types differ in how authorization is handled, how their interfaces are constructed, where they are available, and how they are published. See Add-on types for more information.

See what you can make

Add-ons are built with Apps Script, a server-side JavaScript platform that requires zero setup.