Premium Plan Support and Resources


As a Google Maps APIs Premium Plan customer, you have access to exclusive resources, including the Google Cloud Support Portal and support hotline, in addition to our standard support options. There are two levels of premium support available.

  • Silver: Included in your Premium Plan, Silver-level support provides access to all premium support resources, 24 hours a day on weekdays (24x5).
  • Gold: An add-on to your Premium Plan, Gold-level support provides access to all premium support resources, 24x5, and support for critical issues, 24x7.


If you have a question about the Google Maps Platform, first check our documentation:


If you run into an issue with the Google Maps Platform, you can often resolve it yourself quickly using our Premium Plan Troubleshooter. If the troubleshooter doesn't provide a solution, you'll see a link to the Google Cloud Support Portal, where you can contact support.

Contacting support

Support hours of availability

You can contact support by filing a case in the Google Cloud Support Portal or by calling the Google Cloud Support hotline.

  • For Silver-level support customers, the Support team operates on weekdays and is available from Monday 9 AM Tokyo time to Friday 5 PM Pacific time (24x5), excluding regional holidays.
  • For Gold-level support customers, in addition to 24x5 support access, technical support for critical issues is available on weekends and regional holidays (24x7), via the Google Cloud Support Portal and the Gold-level support pager. To sign up for Gold-level support, contact sales.

Google Cloud Support Portal

To log in to the Google Cloud Support Portal, you'll need your Support Portal credentials, which you can find in your Welcome letter. If you can't find your letter, you can request your credentials.

  1. Log in to the Support Portal.
  2. Click the Cases tab.
  3. Click Create New Case.
  4. Select the Product Name, Group, and Components for your case.
  5. Set the Priority according to our priority definitions.
  6. Important: In the description, include a summary of the issue and the steps to reproduce it. So we can help you more quickly, also include any error messages, requests sent to Google, and links to demos or a publicly accessible website where we can reproduce the issue.

Note: Gold-level support customers reporting a critical issue have access to Support 24x7. To receive a timely response from Support on weekends or regional holidays, be sure to page Support after filing your case. You'll find the pager alias in the Gold Support instructions you received upon signup.

Support hotline

The support hotline is available 24x5, from Monday 9 AM Tokyo time to Friday 5 PM Pacific time, excluding regional holidays. Customers with Gold-level support have 24x7 access to technical support for critical issues. On weekends and regional holidays, Gold-level support customers can contact support via the Google Cloud Support Portal.

You can use the hotline for the following issues:

  • Your end users have been unable to access your Google Maps APIs Premium Plan production applications for longer than 15 minutes.
  • You want to report a Google Maps Platform service outage. Make sure you select the geospatial option when you call.

Before you call, make sure you have your support PIN, which is available on the Support Portal Contact Us page. Then call us at:

  • US customers: 1-877-355-5787
  • EMEA and JAPAC customers: +1-646-257-4500, or check the Contact Us page in the Support Portal for local toll-free numbers.

Privacy inquiries

For questions related to data privacy and protection, you can contact us using the Data Privacy Inquiry Form.

Support Portal resources

In addition to contacting support, you can use the Google Cloud Support Portal to:

  • Authorize new domains to use your client ID.
  • Access Google Maps Platform Usage Reports and Analytics.
  • Read service notifications.
  • Access documentation and resources specifically targeted to Google Maps APIs Premium Plan customers.
  • Find your client ID and private cryptographic key

If you haven't received your login credentials, you can request them.

Google Cloud Connect

Join the Google Cloud Connect community to get these exclusive benefits:

  • Updates and insights into Google Maps products, strategy, plans, and direction, including confidential news about product features.
  • The opportunity to attend to a quarterly, live presentation of the roadmap for our Google Maps products.
  • The ability to ask questions, send feedback, and share ideas with Google staff and other Google Maps APIs Premium Plan customers.
  • The opportunity to attend regional Meetups, where you can collaborate with other Google Maps customers.

To join the community:

  1. Visit
  2. Sign in with your Google Account (Gmail account or G Suite account). On your first visit, you'll need to specify your Google Cloud preferences and accept our privacy policy.
  3. Access the Google Maps discussions and content, by choosing Maps from the Solutions menu on the Home page.

Community support

Google's Developer Relations team participates on Stack Overflow—a collaborative question-and-answer site for programmers. It's a great place to ask technical questions about developing and maintaining Google Maps Platform applications. Look for and use the google-maps tag and other Maps API-specific tags such as google-maps-api-3 for the Maps JavaScript API. For more information about community support on Stack Overflow, see the support options page.

Staying informed

Google frequently interacts with the developer community through screencasts, events, and Google+ postings:

Here are some other ways to stay up to date with the Google Maps APIs Premium Plan:

Terms of use

For your reference, here are the documents relating to your purchase: