Release notes

This page lists the major changes in each release of Google Pay API. The release notes are ordered and identified by date, and they include descriptions of the changes.


  • Added Authorize Payments API for Web to support user interactions for payment status.


  • Added Dynamic Price Updates for web integrations to support shipping address and shipping option changes for purchases. Dynamic Price Updates is coming soon for Android.


  • Added PayPal as a supported payment method. For more details, see object reference.
  • Added Computop, MyCheck, Sipay,, and Wirecard to the list of supported gateways.




  • Added Assist, GMO Payment Gateway, and Moneris to the list of supported gateways.
  • Added localized content in the following languages:

    • Russian
    • Portuguese (Brazilian)
    • Japanese
    • Polish
    • Chinese (Traditional)
  • Updated JSON Object Reference: PaymentMethodTokenizationSpecification now includes examples for supported payment processors:Alfa-Bank, Blue Media, BlueSnap, Chase Paymentech, CloudPayments, GoPay, HiTrust, Lyra, Mastercard Payment Gateway Services (MPGS), Money.Mail.Ru, Newebpay


  • Added Arabic to the "Buy with Google Pay" resource for button asset localization.
  • Launched ECv2 for DIRECT integrations. ECv2 is an updated cryptography protocol that allows merchants to store a static, long living, Google signing key that only needs to be updated every 10 years.
  • Updated the Tink library to support ECv2 payloads as of version 1.1.0. See the Tink release notes for more information.


  • Updated the Web Brand guidelines. Developers can no longer download and use the Google Pay logo, and must now only use the Google Pay mark.
  • Added NMI to the list of supported gateways.


  • Added instructions for Key rotation for DIRECT integrations.


  • Released a new version of Google Pay API, APIv2.