This API was turned down in January 2019 and is deprecated. Migrate to Cloud Firestore or another data store.

Realtime Terminology

The Realtime API provides collaboration as a service. The API is a JavaScript library hosted by Google that provides all of the functionality necessary for you to create a custom application that allows seamless, simultaneous editing. In order to enable collaboration, the contents are stored in Google Drive and all users must have a Google account.

Parts of a Realtime Application

Realtime Document A single unit of data that can be shared and collaborated on.

Realtime Model The contents of a Realtime Document. This is where you store your application’s data. The Realtime API provides easy methods for reading and writing this data. See Build a data model.

Collaborator A user who can view or edit a document.

Drive App In order to enable collaboration, your application must be a Drive application. This authorizes you to read and write to a user’s Drive and integrate with the Drive UI. An app is defined by an entry in the Google Developer’s Console with the Drive API Enabled. See Create a Realtime app

Drive File A file stored in Google Drive. A Realtime document can be attached to a file in order to enable collaboration. Files are created and shared via the Drive API. See Drive Files.

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Realtime API
Realtime API
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