What's New

API level 2.1

Released May 2017

Key changes

API level 2

Released July 2016

Key changes

  • Deprecated sessionId and deprecated/modified related commands. API level 2 is designed for one client connection and camera manufacturers should make sure that only one client at any time is connected (for example via limiting only one wifi connection).
  • Deprecated commands getImage / getMetadata.
    • The absolute URL of a file is used to download directly from the HTTP server of the camera.
  • Added/modified commands and options for video capture, interval image capture and live preview.
    • Added commands startCapture / stopCapture / getLivePreview / processPicture / reset.
    • Renamed listImages to listFiles and modified inputs/outputs to handle video types as well as image types.
    • Added options previewFormat, previewFormatSupport, captureInterval, captureIntervalSupport, captureNumber, captureNumberSupport, remainingVideoSeconds, pollingDelay, delayProcessing, delayProcessingSupport, and clientVersion.
    • Modified options captureModeSupport, isoSupport, shutterSpeedSupport, fileFormatSupport, hdr, hdrSupport, exposureBracket, and exposureBracketSupport.
  • Added 360 video XMP specification.
  • Added apiLevel field to /osc/info output.
    • apiLevel: Field was added in API level 2. It is considered to be API level 1 by default when this field is missing. It is developers’ responsibility to retrieve this information and implement differently based on the value.

Backward compatibility

  • Camera manufacturers: If you have been supporting API level 1, it is highly recommended that you support both API level 1 and API level 2 as an intermediate solution for a few months before the final update and provide a firmware update for cameras running API level 1, otherwise, clients supporting only API level 1 won't work with your cameras.
  • App developers: Be aware these changes affect your previously-published app and it is your responsibility to make corresponding changes to either handle both versions and reminds camera owners to update their firmware.

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