Google Tag Manager Vendor Tag Template Program

To make it easier for users to deploy third-party tags, we've developed an open format that allows vendors to implement and maintain their own tag templates.

The Google Tag Manager Tag Vendor Program allows tag providers to natively integrate with Google Tag Manager's tag templating system. Upon appointment by Google as a tag vendor, you'll experience the following benefits:

  • Google Tag Manager users will be able to add your tag easily.
  • Google Tag Manager users will be exposed to your tag and brand.
  • Your clients will be able to add or modify your tags on their site within minutes, not months.

Not familiar with Tag Manager? Visit the Google Tag Manager Help Center to learn more.

Become a partner

The following instructions outline how to get started and the process for enrollment:

Enrollment process

Complete and submit the Google Tag Manager Tag Vendor Interest Form. We will review your application and reach out with follow-up questions (if any) to determine if you're a good fit for the program.

Process timeline and details:

  1. If your application meets our qualifications you will receive an email with further instructions and details on the vendor template format, how to register for the program, and the vendor agreement.
  2. You register your company and electronically sign the vendor agreement.
  3. You register your tag and provide code template information.
  4. Testing and approval
    1. We review your code template.
    2. We put your tag templates into the product behind a whitelist.
    3. We email you with instructions to test.
    4. You can provide feedback and suggest changes.

    For more information on testing and debugging your tags, see Preview and debug containers.

  5. If approved your template is added to Google Tag Manager.
  6. You create your public listing which will be published on the certified vendor tags page once it is approved.