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Google Vault API

Archiving and eDiscovery for G Suite.


All URIs below are relative to

This service provides the following discovery document:

REST Resource: v1.matters

addPermissions POST /v1/matters/{matterId}:addPermissions
Adds an account as a matter collaborator.
close POST /v1/matters/{matterId}:close
Closes the specified matter.
create POST /v1/matters
Creates a new matter with the given name and description.
delete DELETE /v1/matters/{matterId}
Deletes the specified matter.
get GET /v1/matters/{matterId}
Gets the specified matter.
list GET /v1/matters
Lists matters the user has access to.
removePermissions POST /v1/matters/{matterId}:removePermissions
Removes an account as a matter collaborator.
reopen POST /v1/matters/{matterId}:reopen
Reopens the specified matter.
undelete POST /v1/matters/{matterId}:undelete
Undeletes the specified matter.
update PUT /v1/matters/{matterId}
Updates the specified matter.

REST Resource: v1.matters.exports

create POST /v1/matters/{matterId}/exports
Creates an Export.
delete DELETE /v1/matters/{matterId}/exports/{exportId}
Deletes an Export.
get GET /v1/matters/{matterId}/exports/{exportId}
Gets an Export.
list GET /v1/matters/{matterId}/exports
Lists Exports.

REST Resource: v1.matters.holds

addHeldAccounts POST /v1/matters/{matterId}/holds/{holdId}:addHeldAccounts
Adds HeldAccounts to a hold.
create POST /v1/matters/{matterId}/holds
Creates a hold in the given matter.
delete DELETE /v1/matters/{matterId}/holds/{holdId}
Removes a hold by ID.
get GET /v1/matters/{matterId}/holds/{holdId}
Gets a hold by ID.
list GET /v1/matters/{matterId}/holds
Lists holds within a matter.
removeHeldAccounts POST /v1/matters/{matterId}/holds/{holdId}:removeHeldAccounts
Removes HeldAccounts from a hold.
update PUT /v1/matters/{matterId}/holds/{holdId}
Updates the OU and/or query parameters of a hold.

REST Resource: v1.matters.holds.accounts

create POST /v1/matters/{matterId}/holds/{holdId}/accounts
Adds a HeldAccount to a hold.
delete DELETE /v1/matters/{matterId}/holds/{holdId}/accounts/{accountId}
Removes a HeldAccount from a hold.
list GET /v1/matters/{matterId}/holds/{holdId}/accounts
Lists HeldAccounts for a hold.

REST Resource: v1.matters.savedQueries

create POST /v1/matters/{matterId}/savedQueries
Creates a saved query.
delete DELETE /v1/matters/{matterId}/savedQueries/{savedQueryId}
Deletes a saved query by Id.
get GET /v1/matters/{matterId}/savedQueries/{savedQueryId}
Retrieves a saved query by Id.
list GET /v1/matters/{matterId}/savedQueries
Lists saved queries within a matter.